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been testg the program in new zealand and will open up the test to a small number of users in the u.s. he could incidentally, facebook hit its 1 billion- member milestone today. >> that's not going to get a lot of likes. that's not good. >> not popular. >> some people will go crazy. >> that's what i was thinking. >> i'm sorry, no post is worth 7 bucks. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> unless you're selling something. >> i guess. >> thank you. >>> in our next half hour, basking in the afterglow of the presidential debate. mitt romney's widely viewed victory and an analysis of body language. >>> five people dead and the outbreak is expected to grow. the tainted steroid that's come to california. >> my dad even shed a little tear when i showed it to him. >> and in the skeptical age, something remarkable caught on a home surveillance camera. who is this mystery man? why is he kissing the flag? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, th mitt >>> with the denver debate in the rear view mirror the presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail today with mitt romney clearly energized by his performance.
% of the student body even though they are only 12% of the u.s. population. berkeley is talking about changing the rules because so many asians are eligible on grades and test scores alone. >> that is demonstrating there's a large population of people that are working harder and getting in because of that. >> my name is jennifer tran. >> reporter: these protestors don't think so at the u.s. supreme court. it's listening to a case from texas where it is legal and where white student abigail fisher didn't get into the university of texas saying she didn't get the extra points that other races do. >> i hope the court rules that a student's race and ethnicity should not be considered when applying to the university of texas. >> reporter: this senior says she had the grades anyway but she says many minority students don't and when they do get here they add to the overall experience for everyone. >> giving those that haven't had a voice before a chance and an opportunity and especially at an institution like this a chance to learn. >> reporter: the court ruled that race can be a factor in 2003 but i
and beginning pay is about $30 an hour. one industry group says there is a narrow skills gap in the u.s. right now but that's only expected to widen. one study warns that there will be a severe shortage of workers due to baby boomers retiring by the year 2020 with the highest demand for welders, machinists and mechanics. >> when those jobs come, are we going to have a workforce to deal with it? >> >> reporter: industrial instructors are creating that ready workforce one student at a time. >> i actually have a bachelor's degree from uc-santa cruz. >> reporter: melissa gave up on her bachelor's degree and is getting marketable skills she expects to use. what are the advantages of this field? >> there are actually jobs. >> reporter: students like melissa may also be poised to cash in on jobs once considered lost to places like china. with changing political views and rising costs of doing business overseas, high level high skilled manufacturing is slowly making a comeback in the u.s. for these students, holding a torch really is to help them better see the future. in oakland, len ramirez, cbs 5.
that god intended to happen. >> how the u.s. senate candidate is clarifying his comments and the political fallout for mitt romney. >> questionable practices by pfizer and other drug giants. how they are accused of tricking patients into buying prescriptions. >> and the potential breakthrough that could signal the end of the violence in syria. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, cutting into the president's lead with women voters: a controversial comment froa senate candidate he endorse, has put the republican nomie >>> now at 6:30, just as mitt romney was cutting into the president's lead with women voters a controversial comment from a senate candidate he endorsed has put the republican nominee in an awkward position. the remark had to do with god's intention for rape victims and with just 13 days to go before the election it has propelled the hot button issue of abortion back to the political forefront. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee is following the fallout. >> reporter: talk about timing, right? you have to remember that this comes at a time when the romney camp is really trying to win over
last year. >>> investment fraud is rising at an alarming rate. today u.s. attorneys met in the bay area to warn a group that is most vulnerable. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains why seniors are becoming atarget. >> i heard we can make 10% a month if it's too good to be true, it usually is. >> reporter: but jim and shirley peterson ignored their instincts because they implicitly trusted the people urging them to invest in a sure fire deal. >> they were our friends our best friends. and the main thing was, we had an insurance policy by the california bar association. >> and they said the principal was insured, you know. >> so we couldn't lose. >> reporter: or so they thought. >> your best friends can get you into a lot of trouble. >> reporter: the petersons, who once fancied themselves financially savvy, are now sharing their story. >> they showed us their books. >> reporter: because they believe that if it could happen to them, investor fraud could happen to anyone. >> in the last 18 months, the united states attorneys have handled cases against 800 defendants in investo
supplier has sickened hundreds in the netherlands. costco is the only u.s. outlet to sell that particular brand of smoked salmon. 85 cases of the same strain have been reported in the u.s. since july but it's unclear how many if anything have been related to fish sold at costco. >>> good evening, meteorologist paul deanno with you. sunset at the golden gate and bay area. live outside a significant weather change is coming up as soon as tonight as we look at the sun setting. we also have to wave good bye to the heat wave. >>> i'm dennis o'donnell at the coliseum. last night the as had a huge champagne celebration. tonight they will have to try and prevent one. we'll have that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the
cannot provide adequate protection for the embassy, the u.s. should. the full interview with phil matier is on our website, >>> less than 24 hours after the heated debate, both candidates were back on the campaign trail in battleground states. and they are focusing on women. the president is running with governor romney's debate comments about recruiting women for his massachusetts administration. romney is focusing on how women have fared under the president's leadership. >> be sure to check out our exclusive presidential forum on every day the candidates weigh in on a different issue. >>> competing propositions aimed at helping california struggling schools are in danger of failing. with only one of the measures able to be put into effect, proponents. each proposition are telling voters to deny the other. grace lee shows us a creative new evident to get both of them passed. >> with billions of dollars at stake some parents have taken measures into their own hands. they say it's not so much about politics as it is about their kids and now they want voters to say ye
people in the u.s. and in canada have been burned. >> wow. it's obviously got something flammable in it. >> reporter: alcohol. but typically if the right amount is applied to the skin it would dry before would you have an opportunity to come in contact with a spark. >> but you could be outside near a barbecue or something. >> certainly a safety issue. >> yeah. >> my understanding is they will try to redevelop these cans so that less of the product comes out at once. >> but in the meantime, if you are going on vacation -- thanks so much, julie. >>> thousands of riders hop on every day. but it's not public transit. >> could it be changing the very landscape of what san francisco is? >> how an art project gave birth to the bus route to silicon valley. >>> good evening to you, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in i'm meteorologist paul deanno. find out why that's going to mess up one of your morning commutes sooner than later. find out when the rain is arriving coming up. >>> i'm dennis o'donnell live in st. louis. you know, the rodeo is coming to san francisco this weekend and who knows,
for a former u.s. senator. >> even astronauts are congratulating the supersonic skydiver. what space officials hope to learn from his hop into the stratus fear. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, election, the political stas set for another high-stakes . >>> and now at 6:30 with 22 days to go until the election. the political stage is set. the presidential candidates go head to head tomorrow night in the second of their three debates. cbs5 political reporter grace lee explains they won't be the only ones under a lot of pressure. >> of course, the moderator has proven to be an important part in setting the tone of the debate. what can we expect? a seasoned political veteran at the helm. >> the president did make a brief appearance over the weekend to rally campaign volunteers in virginia. while mitt romney was seen leaving church on sunday before cramming for their second debate tomorrow night. but both candidates have remained behind the scenes just before a town-hall style debate. 80 unbesided voters -- decided undecided voters will ask questions and it will be anchored by candy controly. >> do you think
over 7 u.s. dollars. still no comment on whether there are plans to start selling the coffee in the united states but just last month they filed trademarks for mccafe ground and whole bean coffee. >>> halloween is less than a week away and there's a new way for parents to keep tabs on their children. alert id is an online service that tells members of dangers in the area including crime trends and natural disaster alerts. it also allows users to send pictures of their children to the police if they go missing. it helps fight crime. >> if you see something suspicious or something of concern to you you just post it and it goes out to all the neighbors in a mile radius. >> alert id is free and is supported by local law enforcement. >>> coming up in our next half hour, rather strange burglary burglaries targeting dental offices. the thieves are after something that coul kill. the invisible danger. >> michelle obama comes to california for cash. the celebrities helping the first lady's fundraiser. >> microsoft overhauls its flagship product. the radical changes coming to windows.
the border before they were 16, have been in the u.s. continuously for the past five years, be under 30 years of age and enrolled in school or a certified training program. >> the requirements, i have to take... >> i think it's okay just because it wasn't their choice when they were brought into the country. so it's only fair for them to be able to get a driver's license. >> reporter: while some argue that california should leave immigration issues to the federal government, the law drew bipartisan support even among those opposed to illegal immigration. >> i think we should encourage people to come over here legally but we also have a lot of illegal people doing work for us. and i think punishing people for something that happened when they were a kid is improper. >> reporter: now, although governor brown signed this bill, he also vetoed two other bills that were aimed at illegal immigration. one of them being the trust act which would have limited california law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement officials. and also, a domestic worker program. >>> it
to the deadly u.s. embassy attacks in libya. >> and even republican experts said romney's remarks were the worst possible reaction to what happened. if this is how he handles the world now, just think what mitt romney might do as president. >> polls show voters favor president obama when it comes to foreign policy. >>> so where do the candidates stand on the issues most important to you? they are weighing in daily in our exclusive presidential forum at today's topic, their plans to get country working again. one more political note. dana king is off tonight moderating two political debates at dominican university in the north bay. they will be streamed on our website if you want to watch, first is a debate between the candidates for the second district congressional seat huffman and roberts. and that's followed by the debate between the candidates for the tenth district assembly seat, mark levine and michael allen. you can see it on starting at 7:00. >>> the san francisco board of supervisors will decide tomorrow if suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. the may
-effective for our personnel to commute directly to a job site from home. >>> u.s. senator harry reid is bruised but okay after a car crash in las vegas. his caravan crashed in afternoon on interstate 15 parallel to the strip. the senate's top democrat went to the hospital with an injured hip and rib. he has been cleared for release. >>> neighbors in one san mateo community are smoking mad about teenagers toking up in the local park. one is a block from a high school. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez explains police may be powerless to snuff out the teenagers' bad behavior. >> reporter: teenagers walking to and from school in san mateo with some of them allegedly due when they reach the small park has neighbors on arbor lane fuming. >> they will stop by in the park teenagers and they will have their morning marijuana. >> reporter: lisa tanner says the same thing happens in the afternoon. >> very blatant very obvious so, you know, i'm wondering why smoking is allowed in the park much less marijuana smoking. >> if somebody was standing there walking through smoking a marijuana cigarette that would upse
of rabies. most human rabies infections in the u.s. come from exposure to the animal. >> bats are the principal group of animals in which we see rabies each year. between 1,000 and 2,000 bats are tested each year in california for rabies. and between -- up to 200 bats are found positive each year. >> reporter: in contra costa county, health leaders say one to 10 bats tests positive for the disease each year. this case is a reminder to stay away from wildlife and report any contact you have with these animals. >> you can see from the taxi determine any back here taxidermy back here, the bats, some people think it's cute but we would recommend never touching a bat ever. >> reporter: health officials say the most recent death in california was a santa barbara resident who was exposed to the virus in mexico. in martinez, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> the victim made several international flights in the weeks before his death. so the cdc is busy tracking down people who came in contact with him. some have been given post- exposure rabies shots. >>> other bay area headlines, a manhunt in
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